Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hit Upside the Head

So after leaving my day job at the magazine today I head over to the restaurant where I wait tables a couple nights a week. I don't mind it here too much as it's a family owned joint, pretty laid back, with only a handful of employees, all of whom I like for the most part. The place is especially drama free for a restaurant. I can come here and do mindless work, earn a few extra bucks and go home. It's a bit degrading to me (my own issue, I know) when I have to wait on someone I went to high school with or the like. I always find myself explaining why the hell I'm working here in between "what would you like to drink" and "would you like any parmesan cheese for your pasta?"
Anywhoo...I'm going along playing the role of cheerful servant all the while mulling over in my head the same thing I mull over 99.9% of my day; "So what IS IT EXACTLY that I want my life's work to be? What was I put here to do?" I get an epiphany. It's one I've had before but came on especially strong at the soda fountain tonight. "I want to work with kids. Yes, I definitely want to work with kids on expressing their creativity, building their self confidence, doing art projects. I can incorporate yoga, movement, and breathing exercises! I will have a
really cool office and it will be amazing!" I get really excited about this and get all warm and fuzzy inside. I start heading to the back of the kitchen to grab some rags to wipe down a counter where I encounter one of the chefs's sons playing with a ginormous nurf gun. I smile at him when suddenly he aims his gun at me with a calculating 11 yr. old grin on his face. He fires, narrowly hitting me in my face. "Roberts, don't shoot me with that thing, o.k.? I mean it. " He proceeds to stick his tongue out at me and smirk then aiming the nerf gun at me again. "Who cares?!" He shouts in a bratty, and antagonizing tone. "I do. I'm trying to work and I don't want to be plowed in the face with a plastic suction cup." I am so irritated with this boy that I become aghast at myself. "Oh shit. Maybe I'm not cut out to work with kids" I think to myself. A few minutes later I talk myself down. "Well maybe this is the Universe's way of saying 'Yes. This will be challenging, but yes'."

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