Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Study in Contradiction

"Wow. It's been almost a full year since I've been here." This is my first observation upon revisiting the idea of this blog. I am in pretty much the same place emotionally as I was (almost) one year ago the last time I wrote here. Some external changes have taken place.

I am still living in my humble but adorable (to me) condo. It still needs some work. I have less money than I had last year to do much about it. Ever the optimist I still have my plans though. I still have my beloved pups Molly and Finn by my side, and my best friend and love for the past nine years, Chino.

I heard Jessica Seinfield say something the other day that made me think. She was talking about how she cherishes her friendships with women and how she always hears other women refer to their husbands as their 'best friends.' Jessica said "my husband is not my best-friend, my best-friend is my best-friend."

At first I thought, "Yeah! Exactly. More power to us women friends." I still think this way to some extent. I cherish my friendships with women, sometimes I feel I cherish them more than my women friends do. I think I'm on the sensitive side, though I may protect this fact about myself fiercely at times. Anyway...for better or worse, right or wrong, politically correct or not. My boyfriend IS my best-friend. I do have a handful of girl friends who I consider my besties and who I would do just about anything for. I hope to gain even more meaningful friendships with women as I continue on my journey. There is one friend who I have had the longest and have been through it all with. I consider Torch and a few others, my sisters. Torch however, lives across the country and she doesn't experience me in the trenches of daily life every single day. Neither do my other lovelies, as we are all engrossed with our own stories, drama, triumphs. This doesn't make me love her/them any less or value our friendship any less. It's just that, I also consider my boyfriend my best-friend, I consider myself somewhat of a feminist, and I'm okay with both.

"Only idiots fail to contradict themselves three times a day."-Friedrich Nietzsche

"Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself. (I am large, I contain multitudes.)-Walt Whitman.

More to come on ch-ch-ch-changes.