Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let Go

Let go of fear. Let go of anxiety. Let go of frustration. Let go of disappointment. Let go of perceived obstacles. Let go of worry. Let go of shame. Let go of guilt. Let go of the idea that I won't/ can't/ am not good enough. Let go of crap I don't need or love. Let go of negative perceptions of who I am. Let go of family bullshit. Let go of self consciousness. Let go of doubt. Let go of feeling I have to explain myself. Let go of the need for validation and approval. Let go of tension. Let go of expectations.

I am visualizing each one of these things as a bright red balloon. I am holding the strings attached to each balloon. I am in the country on a sunny spring day. The air smells of mud and newly sprouting grass. I feel the sun on my skin as a warm breeze kisses me hello and I let go of the balloons. They softly float up into the clear blue sky. They become smaller and smaller until now there are only a few tiny dots remaining in my view... just before they completely disappear. 


  1. Hi I found you through the dream life blog. You can listen to for free.
    From your post I see we are both on a self healing path. It is so wonderful when you connect to your soul and just let go off all the is not good for you.
    Sending you light and love
    : )

  2. E~

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I love listening to hayhouse live for free but I miss listening to the archived shows which you can't listen to with out a membership.

    I am definitely on a healing path as I think most people are, whether they are aware of it or not. So nice to connect with you. I adore Lori Lyn's Dream life blog. I hope you will visit here again. I am new to the blogosphere but am dreaming of tons of wonderful possibilities for this space and have a lot planned.

    Peace and warm breezes,